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Making the Impossible Possible

Pfizer is among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and one of the most recognizable brands across all industries. After more than 170 years, the company has arrived at a new era. 

Narrowing its focus, Pfizer had undertaken an ambitious transformation at the most significant moment in the company’s history — at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they have reclaimed their role as trailblazing scientific researchers, makers, and doers with a bold and confident outlook: the new Pfizer is not only treating difficult diseases — they’re curing them.

To mark this evolution, Pfizer enlisted Team to create a new identity that celebrated its storied history, while signaling a new chapter for the company from scientific fast follower to innovative science leader.

Project Credits

Creative Direction
John Clark, Amy Globus
Creative Production
Samantha Kassay
Art Direction and Design
Sabri Akin, Devin Sager, Nicole Wang, Aida ElBaradei, Mark Wolfe, Jiayue Li, Ioan Butiu, Siavash Khasha, Jeremy Mickel, Aleksander Hamid, Shannon Jager, Edan Esinly
3D and Motion Graphics
Bruno Canales, Luke Guyer, Nil Serraima, Albert Sanjuán, Eric Langlay, Mark Parsons
Sound Design
Jay Pellizzi
Stewart Stone, Hunter Braithwaite