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Incisive Thinking, Decisive Action

The healthcare industry is at a tipping point. Innovation and discovery have led to unprecedented medical breakthroughs, but an increasingly complex path to market means many new advances are inaccessible to the patients who need them. 

To solve this problem, a number of leading healthcare agencies were brought together to create Lumanity, a diverse team of industry pioneers, data luminaries, subject matter experts, and proven problem solvers. 

To help unite these groups, Team partnered with Lumanity to create a cohesive, bold visual identity driven by a shared mission: improve patient health by accelerating and optimizing medical access.

Creative Direction
Amy Globus, John Clark
Creative Production
Sam Lee
Art Direction and Design
Aida ElBaradei, Ioan Butiu, Mark Wolfe, Monish Khara
3D and Motion Graphics
Eric Langlay, Álvaro Navarro
Website Development
Studio 123
Operative Words
Sound Design
Sam Lee