Rebranding a biopharmaceutical pioneer

This is our new identity, an emblem of our purpose: Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives®

After more than 170 years, Pfizer has arrived at a new era. With a new CEO and more focused business model, the legacy company has evolved into a science and innovation powerhouse with a new narrative and purpose: Breakthroughs that change patients' lives®. To mark this evolution, Pfizer asked Team to create a new logo and visual identity for the storied brand. These major transformations came at perhaps the most consequential moment in the company’s history — at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the company was working tirelessly on the development of its breakthrough vaccine.


Pfizer is among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world as well as one of the most recognizable brands across all industries. More importantly, however, they are a scientific powerhouse whose breakthroughs affect the lives of millions around the world every day.


Over the course of the past decade, Pfizer had undertaken an ambitious transformation. The company has narrowed its focus and rededicated itself to developing the next generation of breakthrough treatments. As a result, they have reclaimed their role as trailblazing scientific researchers, makers, and doers with a bold and confident outlook: the new Pfizer is not only treating difficult diseases — they’re curing them.


Pfizer assigned Team to create a new identity to reflect their evolution from a diversified enterprise to a more focused and innovative biopharma company; from a scientific fast follower to a first-in-class scientific leader.


With a logo that had been left fundamentally unchanged for over 70 years, it was crucial that Pfizer’s new identity reflect both the company’s storied history and its bright future.


As we learned more about the transformation underway at the company, our conversations with Pfizer scientists led us to a powerful unifying symbol, the DNA helix.


Scientists see DNA as the essence of all life, the code and engine of human potential. Each strand carries with it the instructions for an organism to develop, survive, and prosper. At Team, we believe that encoded within a successful logo is a company’s DNA—its past, its present, its ethos, and its potential.


We brought Pfizer’s new logo to life by unlocking the iconic original “pill” shape to reveal a double helix spiraling upward. The logo now imparts a sense of ascending motion. The rotating form inspires progress, change, and overturning old realities in search of tomorrow’s innovations. The unity of their interlocking forms reflects Pfizer's passion and dedication to both scientific innovation and the wellbeing of patients.



“After 171 years, we arrive at a new era. A time of extraordinary focus on science and dedication to patients. Pfizer is no longer in the business of just treating diseases — we’re curing and preventing them.”

— Albert Bourla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Pfizer’s new identity was designed to be digital first, allowing it to move seamlessly across all mediums. An updated and modernized wordmark also expresses a sense of openness, energy, and refinement.


We evolved the historic Pfizer blue to a vibrant, two-tone palette signifying Pfizer’s commitment to both science and patients. In an industry awash in blue, we're doubling down. A choice that champions Pfizer’s history as a leader for the pioneers who have followed.

Pfizer is committed to creating new worlds of medical possibilities while remaining the global industry leader in terms of scale and influence. Our choice of Noto Sans as the new brand font reflects this duality. Originally developed by Google to internationalize the internet, Noto Sans is designed to be visually harmonious across more than 800 languages and counting. It's a clean, open typeface for a global future and a perfect philosophical and aesthetic match for the new Pfizer.

The effect is simple and dynamic. These visual attributes strike a balance between science and humanity — a balance that defines the new purpose-driven company where science and people come together.

“Our new identity reflects the dignity of Pfizer’s history and captures the innovative spirit and science focus alive in the company today.”

— Sally Susman, Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer



Project Team:


Creative Direction: John Clark, Amy Globus

Creative Production: Samantha Kassay

Art Direction and Design: Sabri Akin, Devin Sager, Nicole Wang, Aida ElBaradei, Mark Wolfe, Jiayue Li, Ioan Butiu, Siavash Khasha, Jeremy Mickel, Aleksander Hamid, Shannon Jager, Edan Esinly

3D and Motion Graphics: Bruno Canales, Luke Guyer, Nil Serraima, Albert Sanjuán, Eric Langlay, Mark Parsons

Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi

Writing: Stewart Stone, Hunter Braithwaite